Do You Believe Children
Should Be Free
From The Threat Of Abuse?

We do. Be part of the solution.

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To end the cycle of child abuse by funding
innovative, effective and courageous abuse prevention programs.

Did you know there were…


Confirmed child abuse victims in the U.S. last year


Confirmed child abuse victims in the state of Texas last year


Confirmed child abuse victims in the Austin Region last year

Our Pillars

Building lasting change through stability, protection, intervention and education.


Stabilization Of At-Risk Families

This cornerstone of prevention includes strengthening economic support to families. Poverty is an enormous factor.

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Protection Of Vulnerable Children

All families live out their daily lives and interaction in a setting that is largely invisible to those outside the family.

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Comprehensive Education Of Workers On The Front Line

Whether the frontline worker is the prosecutor, daycare worker, physician or law enforcement officer, their need for training is a prerequisite for the protection of the most vulnerable.

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Early Education For Children And Their Families

To end the cycle of abuse, one must first recognize the signs and symptoms. By educating the community as a whole we create an environment of prevention.

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Foundation News

We hope that our news section will provide you with some insight about the issue and inspire you to join us in ending the cycle of child abuse.


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