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Can the Cycle of Child Abuse be eradicated
within Three Generations?

The Tomorrow’s Child Foundation says YES.

“The fearless Masai warriors of Africa greet each other with an interesting question, “How are the children?” The answer to this greeting is ‘All the children are well.’ This custom bears witness to the high value the Masai place on the well-being of children. When given as a verbal response, “all the children are well” means that they have not forgotten their responsibility for their young members of their society. Can we as Americans make the same claim? (childabuse.org)

Services and intervention strategies to the young victims of child abuse have grown by every measure and in every way. Almost inevitably, the improvement has come after the violent death and/or endurance of torture by a child. How are our children? Still, not as well as they should be.

In 1989, with the establishment of the Center for Child Protection and the creation of the Child Protection Team, a multidisciplinary team, intervention and clinical strategies for victimized children have grown exponentially but so has the realization that intervention is most effective when partnered with prevention.

The Tomorrow’s Child Foundation, in partnership with the Center and its collaborative partners, supports prevention at every juncture – for children and families at risk, for every family that wants to do everything possible to keep children safe and for every professional in the field who aspires to do the best possible job of protecting the community’s children. We believe that children need our protection before they are abused.

Our vision is to create an endowment providing the resources needed to fund child abuse prevention programs in collaboration with the Center for Child Protection, to end the cycle of child abuse within the next three generations.

Our goal is a world in which children are free from the threat of child abuse. We want a country and a community in which we can answer “how are the children?” By responding “the children are well.”

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2017 Board of Directors

Mary Wilbur – Chair

Vicki Roberts

Karen Shultz

Mark Tate

Melinda Twomey

Ronnie Volkening

Tama Williamson

Sandra Martin – Consultant